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International Conference on the efficiency and equity of education
Université Rennes 2, Campus Villejean
19th, 20th and 21st of November 2008

About the conference

As a follow-up to the work already accomplished by the AECSE and the ADMEE (in particular during the 2003 conference), it appears relevant to organize three scientific days about the same time as large-scale international student assessments (TIMSS, PISA, PIRLS in particular) and the social and political focus on the assessment of all practices bring to the forefront the question of efficiency and equity in education and call for various types of comparisons.

This multidisciplinary conference will evolve around three themes. The first theme, " concepts ", will concentrate on reflecting upon the very concepts of efficiency and equity. The issue will be to clarify their meaning, and reveal any relationship there might be between them. During the whole conference, the rational and scientific approach should not exclude critical and political perspectives, the meaning of these terms being taken literally. Philosophical contributions, even though non exclusive to this theme, would be particularly appreciated.

The third theme " In the field " will be dedicated to research centred on effective practices, in various schools belonging or not to the educational institution, using a multiplicity of schemes, and methods for a diverse public. The aim will be to provide an image of what researchers in humanities and social science studying this subject can say about the processes and mechanisms which may or may not favour, in real life, efficiency and equity in education.

Deadlines :

Strict deadline for the absract: June 1st 2008

Notification from the scientific committee about the proposal: July 11 2008

Deadline for the definitive version: October 1st 2008

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